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In Memory of 15 ASMC members killed in the Pentagon attack.  9/11/2001


Photos from
The Washington Chapter Symposium
March 28, 2001

This year’s theme, “TRANSITION AND TRANSFORMATION” focused on the change in administrations, the changing roles and expectations within the Department of Defense, as well as the changes taking place within the defense industry.

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Morning Session Photos Afternoon Session Photos
Lunch Photos Corp Booths

Registration (Coffee, Tea and Danish)

Opening Ceremony
Presentation of the Flags
Pat Zarodkiewicz, Chapter President

Mr. Ron Speer,
Acting Assistant Secretary of the Air Force (Financial Management and Comptroller)

Mr. George Cahlink, Government Executive Magazine, “Transforming the DoD Workforce”
Sid Davis, Former VP-Senior Correspondent and Washington Bureau Chief NBC News
 “Challenges Facing the New President”
Maj Gen Dan Dick, Director for Strategy, Requirements and Integration (J8), United States Joint Forces Command “CINCs Role in Financial Management - DRB”

Mr. Steve Binder, Aerospace Analyst, Bear Stearns, “The Structure and Dynamics of the Defense Industry As Viewed By the Financial Markets”


Dr. Terry Alderman,
“Take This Job and Love It”

Dr. Diane Disney, Former Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for Civilian Personnel Policy
“Outlook for Federal Employees in the New Administration”


Lt General Bruce Carlson, Director for Force Structure, Resources and Assessment, JCS
“Resources Assessment and Readiness Implications”


Break Sponsored by

Mr. Lawrence Korb, Vice President and Director of Studies Council On Foreign Relations,  (Assistant Secretary of Defense in the Reagan Administration)
“Defense Policy in the New Administration”


Sean OKeefe, Deputy Director, OMB
"Priorities of the New Administration”


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