ASMC Luncheon Checklist
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In Memory of 15 ASMC members killed in the Pentagon attack.  9/11/2001


ASMC Luncheon Checklist

The following steps will assist in preparing for your service sponsored chapter luncheon.  This is not an all encompassing checklist.  Use your sound professional judgement for unpredictable events:


  1. Secure speaker / topic:
  • Verify speaker's audio visual requirements for the luncheon, then check within your service or with the Executive Board for the needed equipment.

  • Provide bio to chapter secretary for presidentís introduction.

  • Provide bio to webmaster (Vic Ackley) for posting on the web page.


  1. Choose menu with assistance from the luncheon committee (Millie Thompson).


One month prior:

  1. Prepare luncheon flyer.

  • Distribute copies on tables of prior monthís luncheon.

  • Forward file to Webmaster and all service secretaries.


  1. Executive Board Meeting before Luncheon:
  • Remind chapter president to prepare the presidentís message for the newsletter.

  • Remind service secretaries of deadline for submission of newsletter info.

  • Verify that Chapter Secretary will bring raffles tickets to the luncheon.

  • Check with committee chairs to see if any flyers or surveys will be distributed at the luncheon.


  1. Consolidate luncheon reservations from all service secretaries:
  • Cut off date for member reservations should be noon five (5) days prior to luncheon.

    • Pass count to Millie Thompson on or before cut off date.

  • As a professional courtesy, all Executive Board members are requested to inform the host service if they will not be in attendance and who their service representative for the day will be. Each service needs to have a representative at every luncheon working the registration table or at least provide a list of luncheon attendees for your service to the host service.

  • Note Distinguished Visitorsí names / titles/ agency.

    • Prepare placecards.

    • Prepare a DV list for chapter president to include names (pronunciation if not obvious) / titles/ agency.


  1. Prepare newsletter.  Include the following seven items each quarter to meet 5-star status:
  • Announcement of upcoming monthly meetings and events.  (See web site.)

  • Chapter Presidentís Message - at least 100 words.

  • Member Activities - Recognition of members & their achievements, transfers, promotions, retirements, CDFM attainment, etc. (Solicit from other services.)

  • National News - dissemination of information on national ASMC programs. (See Nationalís web site)

  • Short Feature Article - An ASMC member should write the feature article.  It should be on a professional/ technical topic and should not be reprinted from an external publication.  It can be an article from other chapters or a national web article.

  • Forward file to Webmaster.

  1. Chapter Luncheon Head Table Seating Protocol
  • Use the following guide:

  1. Guest Speaker;

  2. Chapter President

  3. Distinguish Visitors, FLAG Officers, President-Elect, Former Presidentís/SES; to be provided by chapter host service Asst Secretary or VP.

  4. Corporate Sponsor

  5. Host Service Officers VP and Asst Secretary

  6. Board Officers or Chairs (base on availability)

  •  Place cards or provide colored (red) tickets to identify the places people are to sit ; used to eliminate confusion when more than six people at a table.



  1. Materials needed day of luncheon:

  • Newsletter ~ distribute copies on tables 

  • Place placecards for Distinguished Visitorsí at head table, or table near the podium.

    • Remind each service secretary to introduce their DVs to the chapter president if practical.

    • Give DV list with DV names/ titles/ agency to chapter president (or place at podium).

  • Introduce guest speaker to the chapter president.

  • Request permission from speaker to post presentation on Chapter web site.

  • Get copy of presentation and send to webmaster.

  • Relax.


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