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In Memory of 15 ASMC members killed in the Pentagon attack.  9/11/2001



SECRETARY (appointed for 1 year)

  1. MAIL PICK-UP FOR WASHINGTON CHAPTER – PO Box 16237 Arlington, VA 22215-1237 .  The P.O. Box is located in the Crystal City Post Office.  The box should be checked a couple of times a week.  The mailbox rental is due semiannually.  The Post Office will put a bill in the box and it should be given to the Treasurer for payment by the specified due date.  Distribute mail to the appropriate Service representative or Officer.

  2. EXECUTIVE BOARD MEETINGS – Notify Board members by email of upcoming Board meetings and attach the minutes from the previous months meeting, the agenda, the current roster, the meetings and activities plan and any other pertinent information for the meeting.  Arrange for Board members to call in to meetings in the event they can’t be there.  Take minutes for the current meeting.

  3. OFFICER ROSTER – Before the first Board meeting (July), prepare a roster of the new Officers and Committee members.  This roster should be emailed to National by September 30th; any subsequent roster changes should also be forwarded to National.  (This is also discussed in the 5 Star Chapter requirements)

  4. MEETINGS AND ACTIVITIES PLAN – maintain a calendar of events listing ASMC luncheons, Board meetings and various activities dates and distribute to Board members.

  5. MONTHLY NEWSLETTER - The Service Vice President/Asst. Secretary handling the monthly luncheon is responsible for publishing the newsletter, placing copies on each table at the luncheon.  A President's message (100 word) goes in the newsletter.  A reminder to the President at least a week in advance is helpful.

  6. FIVE STAR CHAPTER REPORTS -- Five Star Chapter reports are due to National by:

  • 10 July
  • 10 Oct
  • 10 Jan
  • 10 Apr

Each report must include:

  • Officers Roster
  • Updated Calendar of Events
  • Copies of Monthly Luncheon Newsletters and Flyers
  • A quarterly updated membership roster  (When the quarterly membership roster arrives from National, there is only a 30-day turn around time.  Each Service gets a copy of their roster to verify.  They return their copy to the Membership Committee Chairperson and he/she makes sure National gets a corrected copy.)
  1. MONTHLY LUNCHEONS – Prepare a luncheon agenda for the Chapter President and include a list of VIPs.  Make sure one or two tables at the hotel are reserved for VIP seating, as applicable.  Bring the gift for the luncheon speaker.

  2. GIFTS FOR LUNCHEON SPEAKER - A gift is to be given to the luncheon speaker and symposium speakers.  The Executive Board decides what kind of gifts they would like to give.  For example, a donation to a charity in the speaker’s name.

  3. CORRESPONDENCE – Prepares any correspondence as requested by the President.  The Secretary also maintains the record book for the year.

  4. With the President, supervises the Treasurer's preparation and submission of all tax forms to the IRS and Virginia Department of Taxation, as necessary.

    1. ASMC guidelines for the Treasurer are found at

    2. ASMC guidelines on the Legal and Tax Aspects of a Chapter Organization and Management are found at


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