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In Memory of 15 ASMC members killed in the Pentagon attack.  9/11/2001



PRESIDENT (elected for 1 year)

The president of the ASMC Washington Chapter has the following responsibilities:

  1. Point of contact for ASMC National Headquarters for all ASMC policy issues that would involve the Washington Chapter.

  2. Presides over monthly Executive Board meetings and monthly Chapter luncheons.

  3. Represents the Washington Chapter at meetings at the National level and the yearly Professional Development Institute (PDI) conference.

  4. Set Chapter goals utilizing the Board of Directors serving under the President.

  5. Writes a 100-word article for the monthly newsletter.

  6. Appoints standing committee chairperson.

  7. Appoints nominating committee no later than February.

  8. Ensures installation of new officers during the June membership meeting/luncheon.

  9. Supervises the Treasurer's preparation and submission of all tax forms to the IRS and Virginia Department of Taxation, as necessary.

    1. ASMC guidelines for the Treasurer are found at

    2. ASMC guidelines on the Legal and Tax Aspects of a Chapter Organization and Management are found at

  10. Accept nominations and with Executive Board approval, award the Washington Chapter Distinguished Service Award.  The Washington Chapter Distinguished Service Award was established to recognize Washington Chapter members for outstanding and continuous service within the chapter. 

    1. Previous winners:

      1. Craig Silcox (2010),

      2. Wayne Whiten (2011),

      3. Victor Ackley (2012), and

      4. Rita Finney (2013)


CDFM Recognition Process

The President:

  • Signs Recognition Letters to Chapter members achieving CDFM Certification, prepared by the CDFM Chair

  • The President will allocate time during the luncheons for each new CDFM to come forward, be recognized, and participate in a group photo.

Term President Service
1997-1998 Col Tulkki Army
1998-1999 Capt Vic Ackley Navy
1999-2000 Mr Charlie Cook, SES OSD
2000-2001 Ms Pat Zarodkiewicz AF
2001-2002 Col Bob Weidert USMC
2002-2003 Ms Audrey Davis, SES DFAS 
2003-2004 Capt George Asseng CG
2004-2005 Mr. Steve Bagby,SES Army
2005-2006 Capt Tom Mcguire Navy
2006-2007 Ms. Beth McGrath, SES OSD
2007-2008 Ms. Rene Woods, SES AF
2008-2009 Col Thomas Fuhrer USMC
2009-2010 Mr. David McDermott, SES DFAS 
2010-2011 Mr. James "Coby" Yacobi CG
2011-2012 Mr James Watkins, SES Army
2012-2013 Mr. Ric Voigt, SES Navy
2013-2014 Mr. Doug Bennett, SES USAF
2014-2015   USMC
2015-2016   DoD
2016-2017   CG
2017-2018   Army


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