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In Memory of 15 ASMC members killed in the Pentagon attack.  9/11/2001




CDFM Committee goals are to:

  • Promote the certification of DoD financial managers.   

  • Identify available education and training opportunities in order to prepare financial managers to successfully obtain CDFM certification

  • Assist CDFMs in obtaining Continuing Professional Education (CPE) credits by identifying available resources

  • Document and issue certificates for CPEs earned for attendance at monthly Chapter luncheons

 Goals will be achieved by:

  • Providing training and networking opportunities

  • Establishing liaisons with other chaptersí CDFM Committees

  • Establishing a database to identify all Washington Chapter CDFMs (including Washington Chapter members certified by different chapters) and work with service representatives to keep the database current

  • Recognizing new CDFMs upon CDFM award

  • Staying abreast of current National ASMC CDFM policies and procedures

  • Assisting ASMC leaders in refining certification/CPE policies and procedures, as necessary

  • Maximizing opportunities for professional collaboration among ASMC members and CDFMs

  • Fostering relationships with other professional organizations such as the Association of Government Accountants (AGA) to leverage certification efforts

CDFM Recognition Process

Membership Chair provides quarterly updates of the membership roster to the CDFM Chair.

The CDFM Chair:

  • Identifies new CDFMs each month from the CDFM Certification website (

    • A cut-off date of NLT the 25th of each month has been established for identifying new CDFMs.

  • Refers to the membership rosters to determine the service/organization members are assigned.

  • Identifies the members mailing addresses.

  • Prints (on home printers) letters on Chapter stationery.

  • Notifies via email to the Chapter Officers of the Service sponsoring the Luncheon and the Webmaster the names of new CDFMs who will be recognized at each luncheon for inclusion in the monthly Chapter luncheon flyer, the web site and email announcements.

  • Brings the letters to the next Board meeting for signature by the Chapter President

  • Sends the CDFM recognition letter to the address (home or office) that is identified on the roster.
    • Members can provide the letter to their supervisors for recognition within their respective organizations
  • Maintains a list of letters mailed for Chapter records.

CDFM Monthly Luncheon Recognition

  • Recent CDFM Certification by Chapter members will be recognized at each monthly Luncheon, in March during the mini-PDI, and in December during the Holiday Social.

  • The President will allocate time during the luncheons for each new CDFM to come forward, be recognized, and participate in a group photo.

  • These new CDFMs are hosted by the Chapter at this luncheon and will not be charged.  If unable to attend during the recognition luncheon, the free luncheon is not available at future luncheons. 

  • A copy of the group photo is given to each new CDFM. 

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