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In Memory of 15 ASMC members killed in the Pentagon attack.  9/11/2001



AWARDS/ESSAY (appointed position)

ASMC Washington Chapter recognizes Chapter members who have made outstanding contributions in the following fields:  Accounting and Finance, Budgeting, Resource Management, Analysis/Evaluation, Comptroller/Deputy Comptroller, Intern/Trainee, Business Management, Auditing, Education/Training/Career Development, Contractor Support, and Team Achievement. 

Any office or person in the DoD or the US Coast Guard (to include National Guard or Reserve Components) may nominate a person who has demonstrated outstanding performance.  The Washington Chapter awards program is not affiliated with the National ASMC awards program, but a very similar.  Those members who submit nominations for competition are encourage to also submit nominations at the National level.

ASMC Washington Chapter Awards Committee Timeline/Task list




Update Individual and Team nomination forms for Webmaster to post. Either use last year’s forms or National forms, and tailor them to Washington Chapter requirements.  If using an actual mailing address, use the Chapter PO Box.  Otherwise nominations received via e-mail seems to work very well.


-          Include call for nominations in newsletter distributed at luncheons, and periodic e-mail announcements sent by Webmaster.

-          Update Awards webpage through webmaster.


Periodically request Webmaster send out reminder that awards are due by 1/31

Jan – 1st week

Request volunteers for review committee.  Seek volunteers from all Services

Jan 31

Award Nominations are due via email/regular mail

Feb - 1st week

-    If using regular mail, pick up mail from ASMC Treasurer

-    Prepare Score sheet.

-    Send score sheet and nomination sheets to Awards committee members to score.

Feb – 3rd week

-    Send list of winners to Mini-PDI program chair to be included in the Program

-    Send memo to Board announcing winners

-    Prepare template for award engraving
Contact Frank’s engraving (703-892-6612) to order awards

-    Send invoice to Treasurer

Feb – 4th week

Prepare speaker notes to be used when awards are handed out. (include name of winner, org, and a few sentences about the significant accomplishment being recognized)

Mar – 1st week

Pick up awards from Frank’s engraving and bring to Mini-PDI

 Mar – 2nd week

 Post award winners to Chapter web page through webmaster.


Other Things: 

  1. The job also entails an essay component, but the chapter has not actively pursued an essay competition in years.
  2. The Awards chair is also responsible for posting engraved nameplates to plaques located in the Washington Chapter trophy case.
    1. Each year the chapter wins specific awards at PDI.  National will send engraved nameplates to be added to existing plaques, instead of sending brand new plaques each year.
    2. The plaques were previously located in a display case outside OSD (Comptroller) in the Pentagon.  However, when the Comptroller area was renovated, the Chapter was ordered to remove all the plaques and awards from the case, and the display case was later destroyed.  The plaques and awards are in boxes and in caretaker status with Lucy Williams (OSD/Comptroller) and Vic Ackley (U.S. Navy).  Both are Washington Chapter board members.
    3. When a permanent location is found for OSD(C), then the Chapter should request space from OSD(C) to set up a new display case.  The chapter will need to purchase a replacement case.


This  page last updated:  July 13, 2014
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