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In Memory of 15 ASMC members killed in the Pentagon attack.  9/11/2001

Chapter CDFMs


May 2012 is CDFM Month!

     We're excited to announce that Gov. Bob McDonnell (R, VA) has proclaimed May to be Certified Defense Financial Manager month in the State of Virginia.
     In a May 1st ceremony in the Pentagon, the Honorable Robert Hale, CDFM, Under Secretary of Defense (Comptroller), USD(C), accepted and read the proclamation and presented it to the Virginia Chapters of ASMC.

Click the proclamation to the right to read it.


        Reimbursement for CDFM examination costs is no longer available from the ASMC Washington Chapter.

        For civilians, the 2002 National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) provided authority for Services/agencies to use appropriated funds to reimburse civilian employees for expenses to obtain professional credentials, including expenses for professional certification.  Each Service has promulgated implementing instructions.

Component Reimbursement Policies






Air Force

Air Force Civilians contact:
for reimbursement




U.S. Coast Guard

         For military, the Veterans Administration recognized the ASMC's CDFM examination as eligible for VA benefits to reimburse military members with an effective date of December 15, 2001, retroactive to that date.  Additional information on reimbursement through the VA is available from the ASMC Headquarters home page.


Washington Chapter CDFM Program Manager:

Ms. Cynthia Chavez
Budget Analyst
200 MacDill Ave
Bolling AFB, DC 20340

How to Get Into a Training Session
The Enhanced Defense Financial Management Training Program is centrally funded by the Department of Defense.  There is no cost to your command other than your time away from the job and any TDY costs you may incur.  The Department of Defense also centrally manages the selection of individuals to attend this training.  Only Department of Defense civilian employees and military members are eligible to attend these centrally funded classes. You should contact your Component POC for all matters concerning this training opportunity.

FY 2011 Training Schedule
Please contact your Component POC (see below) for more information.

Military Component POC Listing
Points of Contact for Different Organizations

Open Enrollment and Targeted Sessions -MORE DATES AND LOCATIONS HAVE BEEN ADDED
Good for government contractors, DoD employees not able to get into the centrally managed program, and DoD organizations that have a significant training requirement that is not being otherwise met.

The ASMC National Headquarters has been made aware of a software product titled, "Certified Defense Financial Manager Test Preparation" which is being marketed to chapters. This product is not endorsed by the National Headquarters.

    The field of Defense financial management is extremely broad, covering a multiplicity of disciplines and requiring the practitioner to be both skilled and familiar with many areas.  The Certified Defense Financial Manager (CDFM) examination, sponsored by the American Society for Military Comptrollers (ASMC) and supported by the Department of Defense (DoD), will sample the knowledge of the practitioner in twelve core competencies. 

    The Certified Defense Financial Manager examination consists of three separate modules.  Each candidate will be required to achieve a passing score on all three.  Each module will contain approximately 80 multiple-choice questions and will require approximately two hours to complete.  The modules may all be taken in one day or may be taken one at a time, over a given time period.  We recommend that you use the latter (one module at a time).  If you take each module following a period of concentrated study, the candidate will have the best chance of success. 

  • Module I:  Resource Management Environment
  • Module II: Budget and Cost Analysis
  • Module III: Accounting and Finance

See the CDFM Certification website for examination information.

American Council on Education (ACE) completed their evaluation of the Enhanced Defense Financial Management Training Course and conducted their outbriefing on Tuesday October 30th, 2001.

ACE will recommend that colleges and universities award three (3) upper level undergraduate credits for the course.  In addition they provided a conditional recommendation that three graduate credits be awarded with the addition of a research paper to be turned in 90 days after completion of the course.


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