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In Memory of 15 ASMC members killed in the Pentagon attack.  9/11/2001


We’re glad you’re here………we have a lot to offer.

The Washington chapter is a Category A-1 Chapter, one of the largest in the nation. Our membership is well over 3,000 members and still growing. We received the award for Chapter membership growth (absolute numbers) at PDI2010.  We are fortunate to have all the military services represented at our meetings to include the US Coast Guard and a large corporate membership.

One thing is clear: Our members make the chapter great. We have an active High School Scholarship program and we do a variety of community service projects throughout each year. We have what must be the most comprehensive chapter web site of all the ASMC chapters, plus we have informative newsletters. Best of all we have a strong guest speaker program at our monthly meetings since we are able to call upon many high ranking DoD staff in the National Capital Region. By becoming a member of the Washington Chapter, you’ve joined an ASMC Five Star Chapter, awarded fourteen out of the last fifteen years. We hope you’ll be able to be as active as many of our members.

The links below should offer you a good start in understanding our chapter. And feel free to surf around our web site.

Current Officer Listing:       http://www.washington-asmc.org/officers13.htm
Latest Newsletter:             http://www.washington-asmc.org/Newsletters/newsletters.htm
Past and Future Events:    http://www.washington-asmc.org/calendar/ecal2.htm
Chapter Constitution:         http://www.washington-asmc.org/Constitution.htm
Chapter Bylaws:                http://www.washington-asmc.org/by-laws.htm
Chapter Handbook:            http://www.washington-asmc.org/handbook/handbook.htm
Benefits:                           http://www.washington-asmc.org/whyjoin.htm and

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact any ASMC officer. And again, welcome to the chapter.

Douglas Bennett
Washington Chapter


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