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In Memory of 15 ASMC members killed in the Pentagon attack.  9/11/2001


ASMC Washington Chapter volunteers sorted, labeled, staged and delivered toys for approximately 472 children, whose parents work for one of the three cleaning  companies working in the Pentagon.

    Twelve people have materially helped me with the project.  Of those 4 are not members of ASMC.  Mrs. Mimi Weidert, Christina Mickens (Sandra Wright's daughter), Coy Rahman, and Alba Robbins (a friend who helped translate during the parties and drive my husband). The President Col Weidert sent them thank you letters, which made them feel appreciated. The members who helped are: Vic Ackley, who arranged with Pentagon building management to accommodate us, and talked me into doing this again; Craig Fitzgibbons, who got the truck and drove to Quantico and brought the toys to the Pentagon; Sandra Wright who helped sort and helped to deliver toys; Steve Scoval, COL Weidert, and Keith Hicks all helped sort toys on Thursday; and Cindy Homan, who now works for DOT but is still a member, took pictures and helped deliver. In all we had 5 people on Friday. The first team of two delivered the toys to Chimes, the second team to DidLake, Inc. and by the time the first group was done, that team came with me to deliver to TriArc. So it all worked out great.

   Also would like you to thank the folks who helped with bringing the toys into the building and giving us the room in which we stored and sorted the toys. They were: Darryl Diggs who found us the room, checked with everyone and helped every step of the way (even gave us some toys); Ralph Newton who let Vic know whom I needed to contact and what I had to do; and the office of Courtney McCrae, the Dockmaster who let his people know and make things happen.

    I would also like to somehow thank the Marines at Quantico who have provided the toys.  My contact was SSGT WATSON.  Every one of the three years that we have done this they have been superb, helpful, courteous, and seemed to really enjoy what they were doing. I realize that there were lots of Marines who helped with this and they do this every year. Of course, I have heard about Toys for Tots for years, but what really brought it home for me was the year I was raising my two children single handedly, and the after school program they attended received and gave them toys from this program. The way it was started in the Pentagon was that one of the cleaning ladies saw toys being brought to my office one year to take to the ASMC Holiday Social, and she asked how someone could get some toys because some of her co-workers did not have much money for present. Many work at minimum wage and support several children. I called up the Toys for Tots number and found out what needed to be done. That year, 1998, over 150 children received toys. The Marines loaded all of it in my van, and three of us sorted it in an open hallway. Since then we learned a lot, and have increased to include all the cleaning companies (that we knew about). In 2000 approximately 375 children of the employees who clean the Pentagon received toys.  So the project does grow each year we do it.  But I had extensive notes and forms to make the work easy.

    The following is an exact quote from one of the recipient mothers, a Chimes, Inc. employee, who wrote on the sheet on which she signed up her three boys. (Chimes hires differently abled employees and used to be called Abilities Unlimited.)

To all the above distribution members that "Freely" give us Chimes Inc. employees "Toys for Tots" THANKS, and Compliments of the Season from US & Ours to You'll and Yours.

Clara Weston


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