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In Memory of 15 ASMC members killed in the Pentagon attack.  9/11/2001




Sponsored by members of the
U. S. Marine Corps


Brigadier General Jay Paxton,   [Bio]
U.S. Marine Corps
Director, Programs Division
Program and Resources Department,
Headquarters, USMC

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“Supporting the Warfighter”

Each year, the Washington Chapter of the American Society of Military Comptrollers awards several gifts of $1,000 to graduating seniors recognized as outstanding students.  Chapter Student Scholarship winners were invited to the luncheon for recognition.








Virginia Schools    
Terri Sealey Hayfield, Alexandria, VA Christopher Newport, VA
Anna Young James W. Robinson, Jr, Fairfax, VA William and Mary
Gabrielle Guy Courtland, Spotslyvania, VA Virginia Wesleyan
Timothy Paredes CD Hylton, Woodbridge, VA James Madison University
Maryland Schools    
Jasmine Reid Elizabeth Seton, Bladensburg, Md Old Dominion University
Elizabeth Young Roadneck, Annapolis, Md University of North Carolina
JaQuetta Terry Largo, Upper Marlboro, Md Virginia State University
Orchid Dargahi Seneca Valley, Germantown, Md Columbia University
Lynette Berry Surrattsville, Clinton, MD Maryland University
Todd Lewis Meade, Ft. Meade, MD Northwestern University

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Networking before lunch


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Speaker: Brigadier General Jay Paxton, USMC
and Audrey Davis, Chapter President


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Chapter President presents certificates to Scholarship winners


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New Corporate members recognized

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