Sep 98 Habitat for Humanity
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In Memory of 15 ASMC members killed in the Pentagon attack.  9/11/2001


Habitat for Humanity
Community Service Project
September 1998

1h4h0998.jpg (49596 bytes)
Signing in and getting our tools

2h4h0998.jpg (43617 bytes)
DFAS volunteers Sharon Fasser and Shelley Austin-Daggett.

3h4h0998.jpg (43251 bytes)
ASMC volunteer Brenda Devivies taking a break

4h4h0998.jpg (43015 bytes)
DFAS VP Chandler Sirmons overseeing the progress

5h4h0998.jpg (39121 bytes)
ASMC volunteers 3 stories up

6h4h0998.jpg (56073 bytes)
Starting to close in the roof

7h4h0998.jpg (37073 bytes)
Corporate volunteer Virginia Oleszek heading up to the top floor

8h4h0998.jpg (30745 bytes)
The view from up top

9h4h0998.jpg (41550 bytes)
ASMC volunteers constructing ladders for work up top



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