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In Memory of 15 ASMC members killed in the Pentagon attack.  9/11/2001

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ASMC Golf Tournament
Monday, 21 June 1999
West Course, Andrews AFB

Award Winners:

Menís Closest to the Pin Jim Bohmbach (7í10")
Womenís Closest to the Pin Kathy Vann (19í9")
Menís Longest Drive Jay VanDerwerken
Womenís Longest Drive Sandy Vann-Olejazs
1st Place LCDR Pat Stansfield, Ed Snyder, Steve Scheimreif, and Tim Bernard
2nd Place John Vann, Kathy Vann, David Vann and Vann-Olejazs
3rd Place Dan Nofziger, Tim Pulliam, John Sligh, and Greg Guthrie
4th Place Lee Dixson, LtGen Oster, Col Thornton, and Lt Alber
5th Place Joe Masciarelli, Col Cooper, Steve Glessing, and Don Calloway
6th Place Norman Noe, Kathy Noe, Russ Janicke, and Faafiti Malufau
Last Place Lolita Jones, Msgt Stewart, Ssgt Ford, and Michael Ellis


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