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In Memory of 15 ASMC members killed in the Pentagon attack.  9/11/2001


AFMC C Party 03 (54).JPG (748201 bytes)  In our toy drive, we were encouraged and helped by CWO3 Timothy E. Meece of the Marine Corps for the second year. [Click on any picture to enlarge, then use the browser "Back" button to return.]

AFMC C Party 03 (01).JPG (743888 bytes)AFMC C Party 03 (48).JPG (721253 bytes)AFMC C Party 03 (53).JPG (742729 bytes)

AFMC C Party 03 (09).JPG (746458 bytes)AFMC C Party 03 (02).JPG (753849 bytes)In addition to collecting toys, we distribute toys to the employees of the firms that clean the Pentagon.  We have done this for 5 or 6 years.  In this endeavor our other helpers were Craig Fitzgibbons (picture on right) who drove the truck from Quantico to the Pentagon, Sandra Wright (picture on left), Millie Thompson and Norman Mau, who helped sort the toys.


Mr. Darryl Diggs of the Pentagon Building Administration helped me as usual by clearing everything with the Loading Dock and providing the room where we sorted the toys.

AFMC C Party 03 (42).JPG (762472 bytes)Toys for Tots 03 11.JPG (154624 bytes)Coy Rahman helped to deliver the food to the Shelter, temporarily stored and sorted toys from our Holiday Social, typed up all the labels, helped at the loading dock, bagged toys, helped to deliver them, and still had the energy to dance at the Christmas Party at Tri-Ark Industries.  Me, I just rested some.


At our Holiday Social we collected about 75 toys.  With the funds the Chapter allocated I bought 50 books and gift certificates for the older children.  This year I approached Borders in Pentagon City, and they worked with me, giving us so many discounts that I was able to purchase about 50 very good books and art kits for under $200.  We asked for toys from the Marine Corps for just under 550 children.  In the past they were able to provide two items per child.  This year they only had enough on hand to provide one toy for only about 200 of the children, and of those about 60 were small stuffed animals.  So not all the children received something.  We tried to have something for each family, but I understand that by the time all the gifts were given out that did not happen.  Two of the companies had their party before we had received the toys, so we relied on their management to distribute them to the employees.

However, what we did have looked good and was soon bagged.

Toys for Tots 03 01.JPG (292293 bytes)Toys for Tots 03 02.JPG (197632 bytes)Toys for Tots 03 03.JPG (171520 bytes)
Toys for Tots 03 04.JPG (173056 bytes)Toys for Tots 03 05.JPG (166912 bytes)Toys for Tots 03 06.JPG (238592 bytes)Toys for Tots 03 07.JPG (221184 bytes)

Toys for Tots 03 20.JPG (154112 bytes)Toys for Tots 03 21.JPG (161280 bytes)If Santas sleigh looks to you like a trash bin, it could possibly be because that is what we used to haul the gifts to the one party we were able to attend.  We were treated royally and invited to have lunch with the employees, which we appreciated.  I was really ready for the glass of punch I was given, and most of the food was pot luck, ethnic and really good.


Clara Weston,
Community Service Chair
Washington Chapter of ASMC


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