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In Memory of 15 ASMC members killed in the Pentagon attack.  9/11/2001


Washington Chapter sponsors the establishment
of the Southern Maryland Chapter of ASMC

    On February 25, 2002 Col Bob Weidert, Washington Chapter President, and other Washington Chapter Officers attended the kick-off meeting of the Southern Maryland Chapter at Naval Air Systems Command in Patuxent River, Md.  Col Weidert, on behalf of Gen McCall, ASMC Executive Director, presented Theresa Thomason, President of Southern Maryland Chapter, with their National Charter and installed the new Chapter Officers.

Col Weidert presents National Charter to Theresa Thomason

   Washington Chapter's sponsorship efforts also included advise and organizational expertise which aided the Southern Maryland Chapter's organizers in drafting their Constitution, By-Laws and petition to ASMC Headquarters.  Col Weidert also presented a check ("seed money") to help establish the new Chapter.

Washington Chapter Delegation
(Clara Weston, Shirley Simpkins, Keith Hicks, Vic Ackley, Col Bob Weidert)
with new Southern Maryland Chapter Officers

  Southern Maryland Chapter letter of appreciation for Washington Chapter's sponsorship and support


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