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In Memory of 15 ASMC members killed in the Pentagon attack.  9/11/2001


The National Professional Development Institute (PDI) is a premier training event for resource managers in the Department of Defense and US Coast Guard. Each year, more than 3300 attendees converge for a four day event, which includes a full day of service activities, seven general sessions, more than seventy workshops, and many special events.


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Community Service
The PDI 2006 charities were Operation Homefront and the Fisher House. Operation Homefront provides assistance with day to day issues for military families so that deployed service members are not preoccupied by the crisis at home and can focus on the War Against Terrorism.  The Fisher House is a home away from home for families of patients receiving medical care at major military and VA medical centers. 


Opening Ceremonies

Honorable Robert F. Hale, CDFM
ASMC Executive Director
The Honorable Sean O'Keefe
Louisiana State University

Service Day Activities
May 31 was Service Day at the PDI, when each service broke in to sessions that were specific to that service or agency.

    Navy Service Day Activities:

Mr. Victor Ackley, Navy ASMC Vice President Honorable Richard Greco, Jr., National President
Radm Stan Bozin, Navy Budget Officer Radm Stan Bozin, Navy Budget Officer  

Welcome Reception and Dinner


In addition to General Sessions throughout the week and service specific workshops on Wednesday, more than 80 workshops were offered on Thursday and Friday.  Each attendee may select a total of eight.


Chapter Fair
Chapter Fair presented a beach-side carnival atmosphere!  There was lots of boardwalk carnival style games, a fortune teller, corn dogs, prizes, and even a dunk tank!  A fun time for everyone, and we got to throw a couple of balls at someone we'd like to dunk!


General session and Speaker
SSG Keni Thomas, former U.S. Army Ranger


Closing Ceremonies and Banquet
A celebration and tribute to military families.  A wonderful meal, the ASMC awards, and an evening of dancing and fun.

San Diego Sights

Vadm Tom Church, USN(ret) ex-USS Midway CV-41


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