Jan 06 Luncheon Pics
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In Memory of 15 ASMC members killed in the Pentagon attack.  9/11/2001

July 05 Luncheon Pics


Luncheon Sponsored by Washington Chapter
US Coast Guard Members





Admiral Patrick StillmanRear Admiral Patrick M. Stillman    [Bio]
Program Executive Officer of the Integrated Deepwater System
  [IDS Website]

"A Marriage of Common Interests--Performance, Affordability, and Accountability"

The $24-billion/25-year Deepwater Program entails the progressive modernization, conversion, and recapitalion of the Coast Guard's aging legacy assets and systems.  For an enterprise of Deepwater's scope and complexity, sound business intelligence and system-of-systems thinking are indispensable.  Acquisition, program execution, and financial management are woven together in this paradigm--with transaction cycles and total-ownership-cost accountability providing the glue that binds.  In this sense, the acquisition community, the chief financial officer, and the operator form a marriage of common interests guided by performance, affordability, and accountability.

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