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In Memory of 15 ASMC members killed in the Pentagon attack.  9/11/2001



Kick Off Meeting (working lunch) is Thursday 20 April 1130 Century Café Crystal City (next to NFCU, south side Crystal Center)

Objective of the Kick Off meeting -

  • Get a list of volunteers (name, email, phone work, cell, hotel)
  • Talk about costumes and give-a-ways.
  • Assign leads for prizes, marketing, work schedule

Chapter Fair 2006, a Carnival by the Sea atmosphere entitled "On the Boardwalk".

There will be No Booth Decorations required.

Volunteers will be working a booth (already set up by a Carnival Crew).

The Washington Chapter Game for the Booth is the Triangle Toss -

The Triangle Toss board is a slanted board with 6 containers mounted on it in the shape of a triangle. It is placed at the back of the booth. The player tosses beanbags into the containers. To make the game harder you can require the player to get all three beanbags in one container in order to win first prize. Otherwise, 3 beanbags in wins first prize, 2 wins second and one wins third.

Chapter Fair 2006 has been revamped! There will be a variety of carnival game booths for all ages, a DJ playing beach music, dancing, food, and even a dunk tank! Costume contests replace the booth decorating contest. Each participating chapter will man a carnival game booth and profit from the total game sales. Game tickets will be sold at a central ticket booth so there will be no money collection required in the game booths. In lieu of individual prizes/trinkets, winners will receive tickets to enter into door prize drawings held throughout the evening. Chapters may award prizes to winners, in addition to the tickets, to attract more participants but it is not a requirement.

If you can't make the meeting but are still interested in helping, please send your Name, email address, phone number to Brenda LaFleur 703 607-7200 x142 so future meetings and announcements may be sent directly to the volunteers.

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