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In Memory of 15 ASMC members killed in the Pentagon attack.  9/11/2001


May 8, 2003
ASMC Washington Chapter
Corporate Members

Dear ASMC Corporate Member:

On behalf of the ASMC Washington Chapter PDI Committee I would like to thank you for the past support that our Chapter Corporate Members have provided to the PDI Committee, particularly in support of the Chapter Fair held each year during the PDI.

As you know, the Chapter Fair provides an opportunity to enhance the reputation of our Chapter and allows us to raise money for scholarships and our charity.  One of the critical success factors for attracting other ASMC members to our booth is the quality and quantity of our decorations and displays, as well as the gratuities and “give-aways” distributed by chapter members during the Chapter Fair.

By participating in the Chapter Fair, your organization will gain increased visibility at the PDI.  The Chapter Fair is well attended and provides a more relaxed opportunity for members to interact.  You will also gain more positive association with the Washington Chapter, one of the ASMC’s most visible and successful chapters.

The PDI Committee would really like to count on your support in the form of either high quality items to raffle, small trade-show corporate logo items to give away to PDI participants, or other appropriate donations to be included in the booth such as posters or decorations.  If you would like to discuss helping with the decorations on the booth or placing a corporate logo or other item at the booth, that may be arranged.

Interested sponsors should contact me directly and I will arrange for pickup of any donations so that transportation to New Orleans can be arranged.

Paula LeFleur
Chair, PDI Chapter Fair Committee


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