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In Memory of 15 ASMC members killed in the Pentagon attack.  9/11/2001


ASMC Washington Chapter Newsgram

20 October 1999 - 1130
Holiday Inn, Eisenhower Ave, Alexandria

President's Message
'Tis the season....budget season, that is!

Charlie Cook
President, ASMC Washington Chapter

Budget Season is in full swing with multiple hearings, questions and answers, and PBDs are circulating like the first flurries of and impending snow storm.   Who could ask for anything more?!  Seriously, it is easy to get caught up in the throes of budget season and the angst of starting another fiscal year with all its uncertainties – both of which try to diminish the excitement of the impending seasons.  Fall brings the beautiful change of leaves and weather to help us bring in the festive holiday season.  During this time, our Chapter has many wonderful events (professional, charitable, and social) planned for the coming months.  However, to successfully fulfill our schedule, we need your help.  I would encourage each member to join your fellow Chapter members as we professionally and charitably participate in the Washington D.C. community. 
Currently, we need folks to volunteer to assist in the Washington-Chapter’s Spring Symposium. Please contact Jeanne Karstens at (703) 695-5589 or Cindy Bogner at (703) 697-8580.  They will appreciate your interest and support for this significant effort. Your support and participation is what helps to keep this organization going.

October Luncheon Speaker


Robert F. Hale is Assistant Secretary of the Air Force for Financial Management and Comptroller, Washington, D.C. He is responsible for all comptroller and financial management functions, activities and operations of the Air Force. He serves as the Air Force chief financial officer responsible for providing the financial management and analytical services necessary for the effective and efficient use of Air Force resources.

Mr. Hale will speak to members of the ASMC Washington chapter at their October 20 luncheon. His topic is "Do You Trust Your Government?"

 Merging Worlds
Like oil and vinegar

Scott Belford
Assistant Vice President, Air Force

I was recently interviewed by PRICE, WATERHOUSE, and COOPERS (PCW) about the cost Management Information System I manage for the Air Force.  It brought home to me how the forces of change are forcing three financial management disciplines together … accounting, budget, and cost.  Behind this merging of worlds is the need to manage our resources better.  The tool that various organizations, most recently the Comptroller, in OSD are hanging their hat on is cost accounting.

Until now, each world could operate in their own special environment with their own special languages, rules, and polices.  The interfaces between these worlds, principally finance and budget, were geared to pass only the essential information necessary to keep the Air Force’s books balanced.

If cost accounting is truly in our future then no longer can we operate in our own specialties.  Cost accounting requires that the systems used to manage the Air Force’s resources must integrate.  This is required if we are to use budget, financial, and cost information in harmony to produce information our managers can use to measure and control output.

I find it interesting and timely that a consequence of the financial management certification process is to force us to start to know each others business … a necessity for a viable cost accounting system.  I urge you all to lift up your eyes, take off the green eyeshades, look around you and see what the rest are doing.

Upcoming Events
25 Oct 99 Spring Symposium Planning Meeting
24 Nov 99 ASMC Luncheon (sponsored by DFAS)
9 Dec 99 Holiday Social (sponsored by USMC)
8 March 00 ASMC Symposium, Crystal City Sheraton

Hail & Farewell

New to SAF/FMC
Col Gordon D. Kage II, from AMC/FM

New to FMBP (to work the PDBs)
Ms. Sharon Latzen from AFMC
Maj Carol Giachetti from ACC
Maj Dan Watson from AETC

New to FMBOI
Lt Col Paul Hough from USAFE
Lt Col Paul McClure from ANG
Maj Allen Blume from School (ACSC)

Mgen Everett Odgers to AFMC
Bgen(S) Frank Faykes from USAFE
Ms Denise Cavanaugh from HQ AMC
Ms Marilyn Wright from Los Angeles AFB, CA
Mr Tom Anderson from SAF/FMBIA
Mr Keith Hicks from SAF/FMBOI

New to FMBIA
Mr John Uperti from SAF/FMBOO

New to AFCAA
Michele Lewis from AF/RECB
Maj Gloria Reed from AF/XOI


On 29 Sep 99, President Clinton approved the winner of the 1999 Presidential Rank Awards. The Army will recognize the winners at a ceremony scheduled for 14 Oct 99 from 10:30 to 11:30 am in the Pentagon Auditorium, Room 5A1070. The ASMC Washington Chapter would like to congratulate the following winners:

John R. Kohler
Asst Deputy Chief of Staff for Resource Management
Headquarters, U.S. Army Europe

Erin J. Olmes
Asst Deputy Asst Secretary of the Army
for Army Budget
Office of the Secretary of the Army


Late breaking news!

Lt Col Dave Weinberg, SAF/FMBOP, selected to Colonel

CDR Marci Pinkerton has been designated a DAWIA Acquisition Professional by the navy AP Selection Board.

Tom Anderson, SAF/FMBOO, to GS-13

Elmo Gladden, SAF/FMBOT, to GS-13

Karen Taylor, SAF/FMBOP, to GS-12

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