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In Memory of 15 ASMC members killed in the Pentagon attack.  9/11/2001



ASMC Washington Chapter:  P.O. Box 16237, Arlington, VA  22215

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1000-1100, 12 July 2006, Pentagon

1) Attendance: (X before name indicates attended meeting)

Executive Board Officers

Committee Chairs


Ms. Elizabeth McGrath President   Mr. James Auchter Audit


Mr. Kyle Fugate Secretary   Ms. Beverly Veit Awards/Essay


Ms. Stacy Simmons Treasurer


Ms. Carolyn Zavadil CDFM
  Ms. Carol Phillips OSD VP   Ms. Brenda LaFleur Chapter Fair


Ms. Lucy Williams OSD Asst Sec   Ms. Amy Anda Community Service
  Mr. Robert Benefiel, Jr DFAS VP


Ms. Veniceza Critton Competition


Ms. Sherri L’Anthony DFAS Asst Sec


Ms. Millie Thompson Luncheons
  COL Byron Cherry Army VP


Mr. Craig Silcox Membership
  Ms. Mary Williams Army Asst Sec


Ms. Deb Delmar Mini-PDI
  Ms. Beverly Veit Navy VP


Mr. Rocky Wilbur Photographer


Ms. Brenda LaFleur Navy Asst Sec   Mr. Jose Lopez Publicity
  Ms. Marcia Case USMC VP   Ms. Shirley Simpkins Scholarship


Ms. Arlillian Coleman USMC Asst Sec   Ms. Barbara Rice Training & Education


Mr. Keith Hicks USAF VP


Mr. Vic Ackley Webmaster


Mr Michael O. Ebiala USAF Asst Sec
  Mr. Warren Cottingham USCG VP
  LT Robert E. Hart, USCG USCG Asst Sec


Ms. Deb Delmar Corporate/Retired VP
  Mr. Brian Boshart Corporate/Ret Asst Sec

President’s Comments

a. Addressed luncheon venue/ recent low attendance and solicited thoughts/ideas on improving luncheon attendance – input to be provided to Kyle Fugate prior to the August Board meeting.

b. The committee discussed possible dates and locations for the December 2006 Holiday Reception. Committee agreed to conduct the event on 13 December at the Army Navy Country Club.

c. Informed the team that Bob Hale, ASMC Executive Director, will be addressing our Executive Board during the August meeting.

d. Re-affirmed commitment to community service activities

Secretary’s Report and Previous Meeting’s Minutes:

e. The June Board Meeting minutes previously presented by email were approved.

Treasurer’s Report:

f. Carlos to remain as Treasurer through July.

g. Arranging audit of chapter account for transfer of Treasurer responsibilities.

h. Provided copies of the Balance Sheet and Profit and Loss Statement as of 30 June 2006.

i. Holiday Inn now allowing pay per person vs. 50 person minimum. (Millie please verify).

Service VPs & Secretaries:

j. OSD - Nothing to Report (NTR)

k. DFAS - Not Present

l. USA - Not Present

m. USN - Not Present

n. USMC - Nothing to Report (NTR)

o. USAF - Nothing to Report (NTR)

p. USCG - Not Present

q. Corporate - 117 Individuals were registered for the golf tournament. They also reported that full Corporate sponsorship was received. Ms. Delmar also discussed the renewed effort to increase corporate membership by focusing on retirees. Corporate is also evaluating various metrics that would capture corporate membership and participation activities.

Committee Reports:

a. Audit: Nothing to Report (NTR)

b. Awards / Essays: Nothing to Report (NTR)

c. CDFM: Nothing to Report (NTR)

d. Chapter Fair: Nothing to Report (NTR)

e. Community Service: Nothing to Report (NTR)

f. Competition: Nothing to Report (NTR)

g. Luncheons: 42 people at last luncheon.

h. Membership: Nothing to Report (NTR)

i. Mini-PDI: $59K net from 2006 Mini-PDI

j. Photographer: Nothing to Report (NTR)

k. Publicity: Nothing to Report (NTR)

l. Scholarship: Nothing to Report (NTR)

m. Training and Education: Nothing to Report (NTR)

n. Web Master: Provided monthly status by email. The board approved reimbursement of the web hosting bill. ($179.40). Also, many bios and pictures are still missing for the incoming executive board members. Please contact Vic Ackley.

7) Other Business:

a. To better facilitate consistent newsletters, OSD will take ownership of publication each month for the next 11 months. The host organization will continue to solicit input.

b. The meeting began at approximately 1000 and adjourned at approximately 1100.

c. Next Meeting: August 2nd 2006 Crystal Square-4, Suite 201 0830-0930


Kyle T. Fugate
17 Jul 2006

June 2006 Minutes and Agenda
Balance Sheet & Profit and Loss Statement

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