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In Memory of 15 ASMC members killed in the Pentagon attack.  9/11/2001


The Washington Chapter Mini-PDI Pictures
March 25, 2003


This event provided a chance to engage in a dialogue with members of the Financial Community, as well as defense industry and media leaders.

This Mini-PDI was focused on Balancing Transformation.  The presenters focused on the following:

  • New initiatives in government and how critical it is to continue doing business, while changing the way it will be done in the future.
  • FMMP - How do you keep moving forward with new and legacy systems when everything will change in FY2004.
  • Homeland Defense - As the 22 agencies are merged together how do the agencies continue to function.  If they were a piece of an existing organization what is the transition strategy for the financial, hr, and payroll systems.
  • Industry - How does industry cope with transformation problems with pressures of the street and the bottom line.
  • What are the implications on cost and time having various efforts in different directions going on simultaneously?
  • Where are the critical stages on the timeline to show successes and how long is to long before you reach a declining benefit.
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Opening Ceremony,
Audrey Davis, Washington Chapter President
Presentation of the Colors
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National Anthem: Mr. Charles McIntosh
Invocation: Chaplain Lewis Brown

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Keynote address,
Larry Lanzillotta,
Principal Deputy Under Secretary of Defense (Comptroller) and Deputy Under Secretary of Defense (Management Reform)

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Financial Management Modernization Program Panel Discussion

Catherine Santana,
Director Business Modernization &
Systems Integration, OUSD(C)

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Doug Hansen,


421 KB

Rear Adm Robert Cowley,

610 KB

Gary Jones,
ODUSD/Logistics Systems Modernization


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Transformation, a Corporate Perspective,

      ModeratorRob Fitzgerald, Northrop Grumman IT



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Tom Spurr,
Partner, Accenture,
“Best Practices in Business Transformation”


170 KB

Woody Jackson,
Partner, KPMG,
“Prerequisites to Business Transformation”


97 KB

Debra Del Mar,
“Impact of Business Transformation on Federal Financial Modernization”


1 MB

Dr. Sandor Boyson,
Chief Information Office & C0-Director
Supply Chain Management Center,
R. H. Smith School of Business,
University of Maryland,

“Financial Effects of the Shift to Web-Based DoD Supply Chains”


853 KB

Harry Richardson,
Dir. Technical Marketing,
Northrop Grumman IT
“Integration and Interoperability: The Foundation of Successful Business Systems Transformation”


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106-0612_IMG.JPG (28352 bytes)106-0613_IMG.JPG (28545 bytes)106-0614_IMG.JPG (29918 bytes)
Washington Chapter ASMC Awards Presentation
106-0617_IMG.JPG (42055 bytes)106-0618_IMG.JPG (34427 bytes)106-0620_IMG.JPG (50134 bytes)
Capt George Asseng,
 USCG (Comptroller)
Transformation/Modernization in the USCG Program


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106-0625_IMG.JPG (31923 bytes)106-0626_IMG.JPG (41554 bytes)
Victoria Procter,
Staff, House Government Reform Committee
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106-0643_IMG.JPG (38753 bytes)106-0644_IMG.JPG (45844 bytes)


CPE:        Qualifies for 6 Continuing Professional Education (CPE) credits.  NASBA Sponsor Registry No.106719.  In accordance with the standards of the National Registry of CPE Sponsors, CPE credits have been granted based on a 50-minute hour.


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