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In Memory of 15 ASMC members killed in the Pentagon attack.  9/11/2001


Washington Chapter Luncheon Survey

        The newly elected Chapter Executive Board desires the input of our membership on how best it can serve your needs; below is a short survey that will give us some insight into your thoughts about our Monthly Luncheon Program.  Please take a few moments to respond. Thank you so very much. 


1.  How often did you attend a Chapter luncheon in the last 12 months? (select one)


1 3 times

4 6 times

7 or more times

2.  How important is each of the following in terms of your decision to attend or not attend a chapter luncheon (one is very important and 5 is not important).

Speaker/Topic Cost Location Food (Quality/Selection)
Very Important > 1
Not Important > 5

3.  Use the drop down boxes to rank categories in the order of importance to you.

Most Important: 

Next most Important: 

Third most Important:

Least Important: 

4.  What is the maximum you would pay to regularly attend a Chapter luncheon?

$17 $18 $19 $20 $21-25 No Limit

5.  Do you get reimbursed for Chapter Luncheon costs?



6.  Please check locations where you attended a Chapter Luncheon:

JW Marriott in DC

Eisenhower Holiday Inn in Alexandria

Crystal City Sheraton in Crystal City

7.  How do you usually get to the Luncheon location?


Govt vehicle

Metro Rail



8.  Which location would you prefer overall considering the Cost, Location, and Food.

JW Marriott  ($20)
Eisenhower Holiday Inn  ($17)
Crystal City Sheraton  ($23)

Note:  Buffet provided at JW Marriott was expanded to allow us to try their various dishes.  The normal luncheon buffet would not be that extensive.

9.  Please share your thoughts on what would entice you to regularly attend Chapter luncheons or any general comments you may have.



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