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In Memory of 15 ASMC members killed in the Pentagon attack.  9/11/2001




I'd like to attend the next PDI.  How can I do that?

You can always pay your own way and sign up individually.  Check the ASMC web site www.asmconline.org around February of each year for information on registration.  Most people however have their organizations pay for the event with training funds.  Speak with your training monitor or ASMC service representative for your service's specific procedures.

I've asked my organization to send me to PDI, but due to limited funds, I still can't go.  Now what?

There may be several other ways to get your organization to sponsor you to PDI.  Many units send those people who are officers in their local chapter.  Also, your service may be willing to send you if you volunteer to be a speaker at one of the workshops.  Another way may be to compete for a national-level ASMC award.  If you win, you would be presented the award at PDI, and your unit may consider paying for your trip.


Why do the luncheons cost so much?

Contrary to popular opinion, we do not make a profit from the luncheons.  We charge what the vendor charges us.  Unfortunately, Washington D.C. is a high cost area.  We've thoroughly researched different locations around the National Capital Region and we found it very difficult to locate a place charging less than $20 unless we settle on a sandwich and chips.  The Holiday Inn at the Eisenhower Metro provides a decent buffet with good service, and has worked with the chapter to keep costs down.

Why can't the luncheons be held closer to the Pentagon (Crystal City, Rosslyn, Naval Yard)?

We are always faced with a tradeoff -- lower priced luncheons farther away from the city center versus higher priced luncheons the closer we get to the Pentagon.  The chapter must strike a balance between costs and convenience.  Most of our membership works in or near the Pentagon, but we must also consider those members from outlying locations that find the Pentagon inconvenient.

Why can't the luncheons be held at a military base to reduce costs?

For two primary reasons: 1) Since September 11th, security has become a major issue.  The logistics required to process a large group onto a military base, to include some people who do not possess a military ID, is challenging, and 2) the military bases in this area are not serviced directly by subway, which is a limiting factor for attendance.  Many of our members rely on public transportation and are without cars during the day.


How do I renew my lapsed membership?

Contact National Headquarters as they keep track of all memberships.  You can e-mail them directly from their web site: www.asmconline.org/membership

My membership didn't transfer when I moved from one base to another. How can I transfer it?

Contact National Headquarters as they keep track of all membership changes.  You can e-mail them from their web page: www.asmconline.org/membership

Am I eligible to become a member?

Perhaps. Do you meet any of the following criteria? If so, you are welcome to become a chapter member.

Active Members - persons who are or have been employed as professionals in the military comptrollership field and who, to remain in good standing, have paid the appropriate dues and fees.
Life Members - people who are Active Members who have been in good standing for twenty consecutive years, or who are past National Presidents.
Associate Members - persons who, though not qualified for Active or Life Membership, demonstrate an interest in the military comptrollership field and who to remain in good standing, have paid the appropriate dues and fees.
Honorary Members - conferred upon persons making significant contributions to military comptrollership who are not eligible for, or who would not otherwise be expected to join, one of the other classes of membership.
Corporate Members - corporations that demonstrate an interest in the military comptrollership field and who to remain in good standing, have paid the appropriate dues and fees.

I have an idea for a luncheon speaker (or article). Who should I tell?

Please contact your ASMC Service Vice President or Service Assistant Secretary.  Their names and numbers can be found on this web site under:   Chapter Info >> Executive Board >> Officers

Each luncheon is sponsored by a specific service, and the sponsors are often looking for potential speakers and newsletter articles.  Speakers should appeal to a wide military audience since our chapter has members from Army, Air Force, Navy, Marines, Coast Guard, DFAS, other Defense Agencies, and DoD focused corporations.  Articles can be on any professional topic (like stress management or leadership), or a technical topic (like procurement of a major Army weapon system), but can also be a human-interest story.  Some of our best articles come from people who write about their jobs.


I would like to participate in an AMSC community service project, but I can't get time off from work. How can I still help?

We all can contribute in many different ways.  Some people are fortunate enough to take a few hours off from work to help with our annual Toys for Tots Drive, while others take the time to simply purchase a toy for a needy child.  Some people volunteer a few hours on a weekend to help with our Habitat for Humanity projects.  Others find time to deliver stuffed animals to local children's wards in our annual Bunnies for Babies drive, while others bring canned goods to our luncheons to support a local homeless shelter.  Our policy is "Help when and where you can.  We appreciate whatever you can contribute."


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